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Bespoke Beauty – the most exciting beauty trend of 2016?

If you look at any magazine/website/blog, there are endless beauty trends being talked about across every sector of the beauty industry – fragrance, make-up, hair, nails, skincare, etc. But every so often, a trend really stands out to me and right now I’m getting very excited about bespoke beauty products.

Bespoke beauty has been bubbling away for a while (I am a huge fan of the No.7 Match Made service for foundation for example) but this year it is set to really take off and reach the masses. Why? I’ve worked with a number of bespoke beauty brands and the reality is that we all want to feel special. Having a product tailor-made for you is exciting, luxurious and most importantly, should give you better results. People are wising up to the fact that one person’s dry skin could be very different to other person’s dry skin, so those shelves full of products for ‘dry skin’ are trying to be everything to millions of people. Why not have something specifically for you?

Initially, bespoke beauty was for those with a high disposable income. Having something unique to you held a high price tag, and for those who could afford it, paying the extra for something completely personalised was a no-brainer. Why this trend is about to go big is because now we’re seeing bespoke beauty at affordable prices. Can’t find a hand cream with a lavender scent and added Hyaluronic Acid? Well now you can make it yourself, and for less than £10!

Advances in technology have been the driving factor for this increasing trend. From being able to custom-blend different notes in a perfume yourself, to DNA tests for skincare, to colour-recognising scanners for make-up, bespoke beauty wouldn’t be possible without this technology. Far from being a fluffy beauty world of sparkle and unicorns, this trend is embedded in incredible science and this is exciting (to me at least!) as who knows where the people in lab coats will take us next…

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